Luluna Slings wraps have passed European safety tests with positive results. 

To be sure that your babywearing is safe, please use our instruction manual added to every single wrap. 

Safe Babywearing Means: 

  • Face in view at all times
  • High and upright
  • Chin up
  • Supported back and snug
  • Close enough to kiss

It is very important to properly position the baby in the sling.  The baby should be “Visible and Kissable” – this means making sure that the baby's face is not pressed into the fabric of the carrier, or into the caregiver’s body.  Check that the baby’s head is above the sling and that his face is always visible to ensure that he can breathe properly.Do not cover your baby's face. Obstructing your baby's airway may result in suffocation. If using a sling, babies should be positioned in such a way that their chin is not pressed into their chest. Please make sure your baby is wrapped in the way it will give him adequate support - facing baby inward on your front so that he is in an optimal natural position as he would be when carried in your arms. Always keep your baby “close enough to kiss” to be able to monitor him at all times.

Never wear your baby in a motor vehicle, this puts your baby at risk for grave injury or death in case of an accident! Also, do not wear your baby while riding an ATV, motor bike, bicycle, or while lawn mowing.  Do not attempt to do anything while babywearing that you would not do with an infant in your arms. Follow common sense and avoid any high risk activities that may endanger life of your baby and yours.  

Always examine your wrap to make sure that it is in good condition each time it is used.  Check every woven wrap’s structural integrity and if there is any damage, do not use the product. Never wrap with a sling that seems to be compromised in any way.

Wearing your baby in a woven wrap is quite safe. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable contact your local babywearing group for advice or email us at We will be happy to help you with wrapping; but you have to remember that your child’s safety is your responsibility.

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