All our slings are made in European Union in the accordance to the rigorous norm Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Safety and protection are our priorities.

Our experts worked out all the qualities of the slings so the wraps are the perfect products to carry your child in. Parameters like kind of yarn, its thickness, weaving density, and degree of twist are thoroughly and meticulously checked and controlled.

Luluna Slings wraps are made using cross twill, and special jacquard weaves. Kind of yarn, its thickness, and kinds of waves used guarantee proper stretch and work of the material allowing needed support for Baby’s spine and extreme comfort of usage for a Parent. Our slings are also undergoing the very unique processes of finishing and stabilization. These very special processes make our slings exceptionally soft, shiny, and guarantee the same length of the wraps even after the many washes. Because of that, ”buttery soft”.

Luluna Sling wrap is ready to use after washing it.  We do our best to make wraps soft, grippy and supportive, they also have middle marker, technical parameters.

We use the best quality yarns like, cobed cotton, pima cotton, jaspe tussah silk, bourette silk, glitter yarn, hemp, neppy cotton, shantung viscose. 


Wrapping qualities:
Micro tencel:
Soft from the start and has no need for breaking in. Its thin and strong to wrap with, has more
glide than grip and material is just a little bit slippery. This makes it very easy to tighten, both
in single and multilayer carries, but it also requires proper tightening. Its perfect for warm
weathers as it transport the sweat, so you don’t feel wet. Its suitable for all, babies to toddlers.
It has a nice bounce and are a little bit stretchy as well.
Jaspe tussah silk:
This silk is very raw and full of nubs. Its really strong, and it needs to be broken in. When fully
broken in, its floppy and soft but still has its characteristic nubs. From start it can feel rough
and stiff, but it changes with every wear. It carries strong and is suitable for toddlers and
when broken in, also babies. It has a very good grip and doesn’t need a lot of tightening to be
comfortable. It has a little bit of bounce and no stretch.
Shantung viscose:
This material is very similar to tussah silk, in both looks and feel. It has lots of nubs and is
somewhat stiff from start. Breaks in nicely and material is strong and suitable for toddlers. It
breaks in a little bit quicker than tussah, but otherwise very similar in wrapping qualities.
Linen is a lovely strong material and when broken in its very airy and suitable for summer. It
needs some breaking in, but when fully broken in its buttery soft and easy to tighten. Its
suitable for both babies and toddlers. It has the perfect amount of grip and still have good
glide in the layers. It has a minimum of bounce and not a lot of stretch.
Tsumugi silk:
This type of silk is softer from the start than tussah. It needs just a little bit of breaking in to
become nice and soft. The silk thread is finner than the tussah, but still has a little bit uneven
surface, which also provides a nice grip. Material is strong and is suitable for all. It has a lovely
bounce and is comfortable on the shoulders also with a wiggly toddler. It also has just a tiny
bit of stretch, but not a lot.
Pure bamboo:
Bamboo is very similar to tencel in feel and look. It’s a smooth material, which provides a soft
wrap from start, and it needs a minimum of breaking in to become soft. It has good glide
without too much grip, which makes it easy to tighten. Its very suitable for small babies and
also with bigger children. It has some bounce and also is a bit stretchy. It’s very suitable for
warm weather.
Multiblend with lambswool, linen, silk, cashmere:
This blend is really lovely and is thin in hand, but yet strong. It needs only a little bit of
breaking in to become soft. The wool can be felt, but its not itchy and uncomfortable. It’s
suitable for babies and toddlers alike. It has a lovely grip with also a good glide in multilayer
carries. It can be used both in most types of weather.



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