Long time since last blend series so here you go one of your fav blend!
What is viscose?
This fabric is made as a result of chemical processing of cellulose.
Cellulose for viscose is most often made from wood pulp, usually from coniferous trees. Viscose is classified as a plant fiber, just like linen or cotton. Shantung is a type of silk fabric with characteristic irregular ridges known as slubs. Despite its subtly irregular texture. So it the general look it reminds tussah silk (jaspe shantung type). The properties of viscose can be compared to those of cotton, but the material feels more like silk. Allergy sufferers can wear viscose. It cools moisture well and allows the skin to breathe.
Viscose breathes!
In fact, it is breathable like cotton or linen. You can wear it on hot days. What's more, even a small admixture of this fiber makes the clothes more airy.
Viscose absorbs moisture!
As a fabric of natural - plant origin, it absorbs moisture, which is very good for your skin.
Viscose is delicate and soft to the touch
Viscose fibers create one of the most pleasant to the touch materials. They can successfully compete with the delicacy of silk.
Viscose is hypoallergenic
Not only is it pleasant to wear on bare skin in summer or winter, people with extremely sensitive skin also do not have to worry about it. Well, viscose, as a material made of wood cellulose, should not cause allergies, so it is hypoallergenic.
And what are your experiences with shantung viscose?
Here are some sample models using shantung viscose:
- Always Motley dreams
- Tsuki Aurora Fantasya
- Vegvisir Golden Harmony
- Fox Wild Forest
- Runes Champagne
- Tsuki Sweet Sailor
- Runes Motley Eclipse
- Shield Rustical
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