What are the advantages of carrying in a wrap? Why is it worth carrying children in wraps, even newborns?

BABYWEARING MATTERS - benefits for a newborn

Unique bond.
Baby slings were created to help a parent build a bond with their baby. A sling is not just a carrying tool, it is something much bigger. 
Slings are designed to bring the child closer to the parent. The newborn being in a wrap has the possibility of safe and peaceful maturation on the parent's body.
A parent can hug their baby even when it is not possible to hold them in their arms.
A newborn tied in a sling feels just like in its mother's belly: - he hears the heartbeat, the swallowing of saliva, the work of the intestines - is pulled tight with a kerchief, - his spine is arranged in a physiological kyphosis

Sleepy Dust
A newborn baby has slightly different needs than adults. 
They don't need silence or a bed to sleep, and they like to fall asleep nestled to their mother's breast or to their father's best.
They like to be worn after birth so much, because they got to know the gentle rocking in the mother's womb,
when they were carried under the heart for 9 months.
Swinging makes your baby drowsy quickly. The rocking itself also stimulates the baby's labyrinth,
which supports its psychomotor skills and positively affects the development of the sense of balance.


Proper development of the child's spine
By properly carrying a child in a sling, we support the proper development of the spine. 
The child is born with natural kyphosis, i.e. physiologically rounded back and bent hips (the position of the so-called physiological frog),
this is how it was arranged in the mother's tummy and this position is natural for him. When carrying a baby in a sling, put it in this position.
The positioning in the sling also depends on the age of the child.


Adaptation to new conditions.

A child is born defenseless, mentally and physically immature. Physical contact with the parent gives the child a sense of closeness and security.

By carrying a child in a sling, we help him to adapt to completely new conditions and explore the world.

The sling protects the child from the excess of stimuli for which it is still fully prepared. The baby is able to hug us, hide from loud sounds, bright light or wind.


Pain relief 
Calmly rocking the baby when carried in a wrap calms down very quickly, even in hard times. In difficult moments, 
a parent carrying a baby in a sling can relieve pain such as colic or bloating.
Baby's legs tucked up towards our chest, properly tied scarf and pressure on the tummy cause relaxation of our baby's tummy and excretion of gases.
When walking with a baby in a sling, we massage his belly with our abdominal muscles.
The upright position of the child facilitates breathing during a tiring runny nose.


Learn faster

A baby carried in a sling will also be more open to new things and brave. He sees everything from the parent level. 
The child who is with us all the time observes all activities.
Thanks to this, it will be easier for him to repeat schematic movements and learn new things.
Having a baby in a sling, the parent is able to show him everything easier.


Babywearing matters – benefits for parent

Release your hands!
Freeing the parent's hands is considered the greatest advantage of carrying in a sling. 
With both hands free, the parent can go about their daily activities while having the baby with them.
We can do shopping, lunch, cleaning and even work if it is done, for example, at the computer. The wrap gives us freedom and freedom.
For a quick trip to the store, a ring sling works great, much better than a stroller.
The sling is more comfortable for traveling, you can reach places inaccessible for a pram and enjoy sightseeing!


Be in close contact with your baby 
Adults, like children, also like to cuddle. This is also how we show love and tenderness to each other. 
We also need to hug, touch, kiss and caress our little one.
We are then more sure that we are the whole world to someone. With a baby in a sling, it's obvious.
Just as a child learns us, so we, through close contact with him, learn our child.


upport of lactation

Close contact with the baby supports lactation and reduces the risk of postpartum depression in the mother

or alleviates its symptoms (although, of course, pharmacological treatment is also necessary here.)


Travel easy

Going to the seaside or in the mountains with the scarf, walks in the woods will be pure pleasure.

The sling can be packed in a bag and always with you in case a walking child gets tired and needs rest. And with a scarf, you can easily climb several or several dozen stairs.


Know your baby easier
We get to know our child faster and easier. Newly baked parents become more default and react faster to the child's needs.
It is also the magic of carrying in a sling and listening to the needs of a newborn. The more we are close to him, the more we feel his needs,
anticipate behavior and habits, and this makes it easier for us to be a parent.
All these advantages of carrying in a sling are important and make the baby receive a huge capital from the carrying parent from the first days of life. 
However, it is important to wear the sling correctly. The sling must be well tightened on the baby's body,
and the binding should be matched to the current stage of the child's physical development.
Especially if you want to wear in a sling from the first days of a child's life, it is worth investing in a meeting with professionals




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